Worship Services

Sunday Services 

Worship Services at First Parish explore the mystery of life and delve into an ongoing search for meaning and purpose. Services may include meditation, stories, music, art, heartfelt sharing, provocative sermons, and spontaneous humor. Most are led by the minister, but in the tradition of shared ministry, members and friends often conduct lay services on topics as diverse as art and poetry, religion and myth, love and war. Celebrations include Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter, Martin Luther King's birthday, Winter Solstice, and other holidays. We gather as a community practicing our faith in worship and take that with us into the week.

Inspiration is drawn from myriad sources:

  • Personal experience
  • Words and deeds of prophetic women and men
  • Wisdom from all religions
  • Wisdom from great authors, scientists, and world leaders
  • History
  • Christian, Jewish, and Islamic teachings
  • Humanist and Earth-Centered teachings

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Chalice Lighting

At the opening of Worship Services, the minister lights a flame inside a chalice. This flaming chalice has become a well-known symbol of the Unitarian Universalist denomination and is part of the First Parish logo.

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chalice and candle lighting

"Sharing the Offerings" contributions

A program initiated at First Parish focuses a local community, non-profit organization each month taking contributions at the Sunday service or anytime during the week and sharing 50% of the intake with that organization. There is a process in place managed by the Social Justice Committee and applications are accepted via the attached form for printing or downloadword document for digital entries to the application.

Sharing our Joys and Concerns

During worship services, people are invited to drop a smooth stone in a glass bowl to acknowledge a joy or concern for themselves, a loved one, our community, or the world. Written joys and concerns are read by the minister as our worship associate lights a candle for each one. This is a special, sacred part of services at First Parish. 

Those at home use Zoom's "chat" feature to share their joys and concerns with the community.

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