Milestone Celebrations

At different points in our lives, we have the opportunity to celebrate momentous events. First Parish can offer you a venue and minister to support you during these times


First Parish offers a unique and beautiful location for weddings in the historic Sanctuary, which accommodates 250 people. A wedding is a special moment for you and your loved ones. First Parish honors couples from different religious traditions, and supports opposite, same gender, and transgender couples as they prepare for their weddings. The First Parish Minister or other qualified person may officiate. Receptions may take place in the Parish Hall. 

For viewing and printing:

Wedding Brochure        Building Wedding Contract         First Parish Minister Contract 

Dedication of Children

Unitarian Universalists believe that children are born in a pure state. Thus, we do not baptise them but rather dedicate them to a good life during which they will choose their spiritual path. The ceremony is a beautiful ritual during which a drop of water is splashed from a flower onto the child’s forehead. Parents contribute to the words used during the ceremony. 

Contact Reverend Lara if you would like to have a dedication ceremony for your child.

Memorial Services

FPUU offers a traditional and beautiful place for funerals and memorial ceremonies. Services include whatever elements the families desire for their loved ones, usually including a eulogy and stories offered by family and friends. Large services take place in the Sanctuary, which accommodates 250. Smaller services may take place in the Parlor. Receptions may be held in the Parish Hall. 

Contact Reverend Lara to find out what is possible during the pandemic.